In the West Midlands we have adopted the phase ‘Flipping Social Care’ to change the debate, so we highlight social care’s economic and societal contribution using our data and knowledge to influence our future, not straight line our past. We have set out this approach in our Prospectus published in February 2019.

We think that adult social care needs to be much more future-focused and adept at using behavioural economics to redefine the challenges that all our systems face. Enabling ADASS members to be more creative and empowered in influencing government, health partners and local services around building relationships for collaborative advantage.

Acknowledging the core risks that we all face daily but shifting thinking to collaboration and building asset-based partnerships with the wider social care community. Applying those asset-based approaches to our collective endeavour to promote social justice as well as to how we work with the communities we support.

We believe strongly in local government as a place-shaper and in shifting the balance of power and control from the centre to communities and places that people experience on a day to day basis.

As a region, we continue to work collectively to support the national ADASS approach, advocate on behalf of the sector, and have been active in promoting our vision for the West Midlands

Photo of Andy Begley

Andy Begley – Director of Adult and Housing Services, Shropshire Council, Co-Chair WM ADASS

Photo of Martin Samuels

Martin Samuels – Strategic Director for People, Dudley MBC, Co-Chair WM ADASS

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