Video transcript: co-production in Birmingham - preparation for adulthood

This is a transcript of the video Co-production in Birmingham - preparation for adulthood
  • Publication Date: 5/15/2022 8:54:44 PM

Video transcript: co-production in Birmingham - the IAG offer

This is a transcript of the video co-production in Birmingham - the IAG offer
  • Publication Date: 5/15/2022 8:37:41 PM

Video transcript: co-production in Birmingham - introduction

This video is the first in a series of four on co-production of social care services with citizens in Birmingham.
  • Publication Date: 5/15/2022 8:13:33 PM

Video transcript: co-production in Birmingham - autism

Transcript of the video Co-production in Birmingham - autism
  • Publication Date: 5/15/2022 8:03:35 PM

Transcript of Data Hub video

Transcript of WM-ADASS Data Hub video
  • Publication Date: 5/13/2022 3:16:31 PM

Transcript of co-production video

This is a transcript of the video made from discussion around co-production at the Regional Summit on 18 February 2022
  • Publication Date: 4/21/2022 3:37:05 PM

Summary of WM ADASS Regional Summit

A short summary of what happened at the Regional Summit on 18 February 2020
  • Publication Date: 4/19/2022 8:38:22 AM

WM ADASS Branch plan 2022-23

FINAL Logic Model 22-23
  • Publication Date: 4/14/2022 2:19:39 PM

Video transcript Plans & priorities 22-23

Transcript of Plans and Priorities 2022-23 video
  • Publication Date: 4/14/2022 2:16:32 PM

West Midlands Regional Account 2021-22

This slide deck outlines the West Midlands ADASS 21/22 programme review and plans for the programme in 2022/23
  • Publication Date: 4/8/2022 12:38:19 PM

Video transcript - How we did in 2021-22

Transcript of WM-ADASS 'How we did in 2021-22' video
  • Publication Date: 4/8/2022 10:19:11 AM

Transcript of video interview with Finance Network chair Ewan Dewar

Finance Network chair Ewan Dewar talks about the role and priorities of the network
  • Publication Date: 3/9/2022 12:11:10 PM

Video transcript Gypsy Roma and Travellers event short

A transcript of the trailer for the online event Disability and Discrimination in Gypsy Roma and Travellers' Communities
  • Publication Date: 2/7/2022 4:42:57 PM

Video transcript: Andrea Gronow Chair of Principal OT's Network

A transcript of the video introducing the current aims and activities WM ADASS OT network
  • Publication Date: 2/7/2022 12:01:48 PM

Presentation: Disability and Discrimination in Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Communities

These are slides from the event, held online on 18 January 2022, subtitled 'The last acceptable face of racism?'
  • Publication Date: 2/2/2022 10:04:17 AM

LPS Glossary Nov 21.pdf

From 'appropriate person' to 'variation', LPS terms explained
  • Publication Date: 1/26/2022 3:06:55 PM

Waiting for LPS Implementation Jan 22.pdf

Advice from Lorraine Currie, West Midlands ADASS LPS Co-ordinator, on what to do while LPS timetable remains unknown
  • Publication Date: 1/26/2022 3:03:50 PM

Agenda for conference LPS 8 December 2021

Agenda for LPS conference 8 December 2021
  • Publication Date: 1/25/2022 5:40:54 PM

Transcript of LPS 8 December 2021 video conference

Transcript of LPS 8 December 2021 video conference
  • Publication Date: 1/25/2022 5:34:40 PM

LPS conference 8 Dec speaker slides.pptx

This document includes all slides from the event. A video recording is also available in our video showcase
  • Publication Date: 1/25/2022 11:07:35 AM

Video transcript: culture change and Suffolk CC's caretech programme

Sam Bassett of Suffolk County Council describes culture change aspects of the caretech programme, launched in July 2021
  • Publication Date: 1/19/2022 11:39:02 AM

Worcestershire reablement video transcript.pdf

Better Care Fund money is allowing Worcestershire CC to expand its reablement service. But how to attract applicants?
  • Publication Date: 11/21/2021 3:58:20 PM

Digital Switchover transcript.pdf

By 2025, the UK's phone lines will have all become digital. There are significant implications for telecare services
  • Publication Date: 11/19/2021 10:06:35 AM

Dudley Council RITA transcript.pdf

Transcript of video case study about Dudley Council's use of the digital content delivery system 'RITA'
  • Publication Date: 11/4/2021 12:01:30 PM

Transcript of Carers' Network: Shropshire Council and Mobilise

Transcript of video edit from meeting on 7 September 2021
  • Publication Date: 10/31/2021 12:47:22 PM

University of Birmingham: WM ADASS Peer Challenge Evaluation Report

Peer Challenge report
  • Publication Date: 9/27/2021 10:35:44 AM

Worcestershire CC Peer Challenge feedback letter February 2020

Feedback: Peer Challenge
  • Publication Date: 9/27/2021 10:08:08 AM

Midlands Digital Leadership Pilot Briefing May 2021

Digital leadership pilot
  • Publication Date: 8/11/2021 3:38:40 PM

Vaccination Invitation: Unpaid Carer Template, WCC Example February 2021

Unpaid carer vaccination
  • Publication Date: 8/11/2021 3:59:28 PM

Stepping into the Unknown July 2020

Stepping into the unknown
  • Publication Date: 8/11/2021 3:24:18 PM

Workforce Wellbeing Information for Social Care Staff 06 May 2020

Workforce wellbeing info
  • Publication Date: 8/11/2021 4:00:05 PM

Carers UK Presentation 05 March 2020

Carers UK presentation
  • Publication Date: 8/11/2021 3:58:33 PM

Sunny Side Up Economy Report May 2019

Impact on the local economy
  • Publication Date: 8/11/2021 3:24:13 PM

Flipping Social Care July 2020

Stepping into the unknown By Paul Johnston on behalf of WM-ADASS July 2020
  • Publication Date: 8/23/2021 2:34:24 PM

No Longer Able to Care: Carers Trust Report July 2020

No longer able to care
  • Publication Date: 8/11/2021 3:56:31 PM

Strengthening the Offer for Carers

Strengthening offer for carers
  • Publication Date: 8/11/2021 3:56:03 PM

Carers Rights Day Webinar: Supporting Working Carers Through Covid and Beyond

Carers' rights day
  • Publication Date: 8/11/2021 3:41:02 PM

WMAHSN Digital Data Scoping Report

Digital data scoping
  • Publication Date: 8/11/2021 3:24:23 PM

ADASS Economy 2018

ADASS economy
  • Publication Date: 8/11/2021 3:24:16 PM

What we plan to do in 2022-23 – at a glance draft 2.pdf

  • Publication Date: 4/14/2022 2:35:45 PM