Peer Challenge Programme

The West Midlands Association of Directors of Social Services (ADASS) and has agreed an improvement plan for 2018 - 2020, a requirement of which is to further develop the region’s approach to peer challenge and sector led improvement.

The region has completed two rounds of peer challenges between 2014 and 2018 involving all 14 councils.  A new programme for 2018- 2020 is currently under way.

Peer Challenge Programme

The risk areas were developed in partnership with the LGA as part of the national approach to sector-led improvement, and were the subject of consultation in 2014/16.

They have been updated to include a new section on system integration – health and social care in June 2018

The work will form part of the region's improvement programme led by Pete Jackson, WM-ADASS and governed by arrangements currently in place through West Midlands ADASS. Andy Begley, Director of Adult Services and Housing at Shropshire Council, has been identified as lead DASS.

The programme builds on the peer challenge programme, which included a commitment from all councils in the region to both receive and assist in delivery of a Peer Challenge.