West Midlands promotes new health, care and wellbeing web platform


hscwm map

In the West Midlands, as part of our approach to integration in the region we have launched a web platform which brings together people and intelligence across the health, care and wellbeing community.


The website is our practical response to needs emerging from the region’s Making it Work initiative that started in the region in March 2013 to coincide with the radical structural changes to the NHS and the transfer of public health responsibilities to local government.


The site has four main features:

  • A sophisticated directory/contact finder to enable users to browse, identify and contact individuals from all health and social care professions, in all organisations across the region
  • A resources database which enables users to easily locate relevant/latest high level documents;
  • Data visualisation tools to help users make sense of the region’s location, socio-economic and outcomes data;
  • A ‘communities’ section to enable professional networking, with public or private groups to enable discussion and sharing around specific topics


Most recently, Better Care Fund Leads from local authorities within the West Midlands region have had an opportunity to discuss, exchange ideas and share and compare their draft BCF plans on the site in the effort to compare and improve their work through the peer support.


To find out more and register please go to: http://hscwm.org.uk/

You can also view and download the map of Health, Wellbeing and Social Care structures here.
Please note the website is designed for public sector colleagues and their partners who work closely with and support West Midlands councils via ADASS.
We would be interested in hearing from other regions on what they are doing to build relationships across the health and social care system in your area.


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