Welcome to the WM ADASS & IEWM Carers Improvement network which provides details about its work that is being delivered in 2017-18 as well as a list of useful links and contact details.

The main areas of focus for the network in 2017-18 are to:

  • Improve the access to and information around training for carers across the region.
  • Establish and develop relationships with health around carers.
  • Help local authorities implement the Care Act requirements relating to carers including encouraging local authorities to co-produce the changes with carers.


 This is being delivered through:

  • Improving training available to carers, including the adoption of a ‘Commitment to Carers’ across the region.
  • NHS Commitment to Carers.  Improve working with health around carers.
  • Overall preparation for the Care Act in terms of requirements for carers and financial implications including contributions.
  • Supporting the implementation of carer assessment, eligibility, personal budget and support plan requirements for the Care Act.
  • Supporting the implementation of information and advice requirements for carers in the Care Act.


To date, the network has:

  • Carried out a training needs analysis of carers including a survey of carers, and mapping of current provision.
  • Produced  a report on access training for carers which includes a ‘Commitment to Carers’ to improve access to training which all West Midlands Local Authorities have signed up to.
  • Delivered a workshop to Local Authority Carers Leads in June on the implications of the Care Act in respect of carers
  • Produced the West Midlands Regional Carers Offer, setting out a number of commitments to support the implementation of the Care Act, which all West Midlands Local Authorities have signed up to.


Why is this important?

Unpaid carers are a very valuable asset in delivering care and support and need to be better supported so they can sustain their caring role. In addition the Care Act requirements around carers are substantial and need to be effectively planned for.



Minutes from ADASS WM Regional Carers Network Meeting held on 25 April 2017


Agenda for ADASS WM Regional Carers Network Meeting on 27 June 2017



Safina Mistry

Safina Mistry



For more information about the network please contact Safina Mistry.

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