Systems Leadership Workshop across Social Care and Health


When: 14th July, 9.30am – 3pm

Where: Colmore Gate – De Vere Venues Colmore Gate 5th & 7th Floor, 2-6 Colmore Row


This event is aimed at Leaders and Senior Practitioners involved in all aspects of social care, public health and the wider health communities.  It will examine the best practice approaches being adopted for leading in multi-agency environments following Systems or Adaptive Leadership principles. The day will include hearing from current leaders across the sectors and there will be practical workshops designed to offer you an insight into the benefits of leading beyond your organisational boundaries.  Full details below:

A Coalition of the Willing: Public Health and Social Care working and leading together

From their respective positions, people involved at all levels in public health and social care see the health and care system coming under pressure as never before. And public health and social care have part of the answer: both are committed to the prevention agenda, keeping people out of hospital and healthy in their own homes, and both have direct experience in making this happen on the ground in the West Midlands. Public health and social care are also often ahead of the game in thinking in systems terms – what it really takes to make pan-sector services work seamlessly, with the service user at the centre, or to make demonstrable changes for the better in the health of a local population.

At the same time, there isn’t always the recognition of the commonalities, or of how public health and social care might come together and build alliances. This is especially timely in the light of the Sustainability and Transformation Plans that NHS England sees as central to bridging the quality and care gaps identified in the Five Year Forward View.

This workshop therefore provides an initial opportunity for social care and public health representatives to come together, using systems leadership approaches, to make common cause and explore how they might work better together, including in relation to NHS initiatives but also more generally. For those who are familiar with Systems Leadership, it will be a refresher. For those who aren’t and would like to know more, it should be instructive and provide some valuable tools in order to help people work in complex situations. And our aim is for everyone who attends to make new connections and to leave with new allies and new ways of working.



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