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2016/17 has seen the plight of adult social care become a rallying cry across the health and care sector with provider organisations joining councils, ADASS and the LGA in building a growing social movement to advocate the case for a fair level of resources to match the needs of vulnerable adults. NHS partners too have largely recognised the mutuality of our interests even if at times that may not be evident in the local dramas around resources.

At the heart of the local government approach is the principle that people, communities and local place are the starting point for effective public services; people before services, communities before sector interests. Equally important is the mutual support that the local government sector uses to support councils and nowhere to greater effect than in adult social care and nowhere engaged with greater flair and commitment than in the West Midlands.

The LGA’s Care and Health Improvement Programme (CHIP) provides a network of regional and specialist advisers working to support financial and system sustainability; to improve system leadership for integration, including the Transforming Care programme; to promote care quality and safeguarding and to facilitate key initiatives such as better outcomes through commissioning and opportunities from digital delivery.

CHIP and the LGA play a supporting role and can only be as effective as the level of sector commitment from West Midlands adult social care leaders (at all levels) in councils; from elected members, to directors through the ADASS branch, and dozens of others supporting networks and regional groups or as part of peer challenge teams. WM ADASS and its councils continue to lead strongly on sector-led improvement, promoting a culture of openness, transparency and challenge, putting ‘grit’ into the peer challenge programme and demonstrating commendable openness through its work on use of resources and the regional scorecard.

I look forward to building on our excellent joint work and strengthening our partnership in 2017/18 and working together to support West Midlands people and communities.

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 Ian James
Care and Health Improvement Advisor.
Local Government Association





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