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Prevention, early intervention and resilience in an environment of austerity – what does good look like?


A view from the West Midlands

As part of the ADASS /IEWM improvement plan for 2015-16 it was agreed Prevention/ Use of resources should be one of our three strategic priorities and that ADCS and ADPH would be approached regarding providing examples of good practice across the spectrum of early intervention/ prevention and building resilience. It was also agreed that John Bolton would be commissioned to undertake some work with the region drawing on the national work that he has been undertaking as part of the LGA efficiency programme.

Having considered the responses that we have received from WM ADASS we have a number of national pieces of work being undertaken via PSSRU and SCIEP that WM ADASS members are involved in, as well as some requirements driven by the consultation on the Care Act to response to some challenges posed by the new legislation. This will be helpful in focusing the Adults component of the project and avoiding the scope for the project becoming too broad.

Within the region the examples provided to date seem to fit into  3 areas which are :

  • Social work and building community capacity / resilience
  • The use of assistive technology
  • Re-ablement and integration with health

We are also aware of some excellent work that has been previously in the region that most authorities  have contributed to that in includes, Telehealth care in relation to Personal budgets, dementia and home care

To assist us in moving the project forward we have approached Robin Miller at Birmingham University who has undertaken work with WM ADASS previously and is linked to some of the work that the University are doing nationally with ADASS.

Alongside this work John Bolton has been commissioned to undertake some work with the region on use of resources which started at an event organised on 9th October that focused on efficiency and demand management and used 3 examples of good practice from the region.


Christine Whitehead

Christine Whitehead

Helen Coombes

Helen Coombes


For more information please contact:

Helen Coombes (Herefordshire Council) or Christine Whitehead (Stoke on Trent City Council)


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