Plan 2016-17

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The purpose of this Improvement Plan is to provide a single document that focuses the collective resources of WM ADASS and IEWM on activity that seeks to improve the performance of the 14 councils in the region in relation to Adult Social Care.

It is designed to build upon the successful work undertaken in 2016, to build capacity in the region that supports Sector Led Improvement and that reflects the priorities outlined by the 14 DASS in the region following recent consultation, the Peer Summit event held in December 2015.

Additionally the plan will:

  •  Seek to maximise opportunities to involve and engage adult social care staff in the work of the programme;
  • Continue to link activity around Care Act implementation with other regional structures and related work on Sector Led Improvement;
  • Link to the national Toward Excellence in Adult Social Care (TEASC) work programme and where possible align regional and national priorities;
  • Acknowledge the different needs and approaches of the 14 councils in the region whilst recognising the benefits of working collectively to share resources, ideas and provision of mutual support;
  • Recognise the financial challenges facing local government generally and social care specifically and seek where possible to identify and promote ‘what good looks like’ in the current economic climate.

The plan will be monitored throughout the year by the co-chairs of the ADASS region and through regular reports to ADASS Branch meetings. The financial aspects of the plan will be reported through the IEWM Board and will follow the standing order requirements set out by Worcestershire County Council who act as the accountable body for the programme.

The plan comprises of 4 sections:

1. The strategic priorities – the key challenges facing Adult Social Care in the region

2. Sector Led Improvement – the approach to be taken to improve performance based on sector priorities

3. Thematic areas for improvement – the areas identified for collective improvement

4. Organisation – how to provide structure and capacity that delivers the programme


Pete Jackson

Pete Jackson

For more information about the 2016-17 Improvement Plan please contact:

Pete Jackson

Adult Social Care Programme Manager


t: 07583403577

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