Patient flow across NHS /Social Care boundary – Local Area Performance Metrics


Of particular interest to those working at the interface of health and social care, the Government has published a set of key metrics indicating how the partners in each area are performing in managing this relationship and comparing the performance against statistical near neighbours and nationally.

The NHS social care interface dashboard has been developed by the Department of Health and the Department of Communities and Local Government with the involvement of stakeholders and, among other things, provides a breakdown of the delays attributable to social care and the equivalent for NHS related delays. The dashboard will be reviewed in the autumn and it is anticipated that the metrics will be improved over time.

Alongside the dashboard, the Government has also published their expectations for both councils and NHS Trusts. It is intended that this will enable an area to compare themselves to other similar areas, “have conversations about good practice” and provide “greater transparency in those local areas that are not performing well to enable improvement support to be targeted”.



  • The NHS social care interface dashboard, Local area performance metrics and the Better Care Fund Planning Requirements 2017-2019 can be downloaded form the Government website here

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