Digital Delivery Programme

The West Midlands Digital Delivery Programme is a means of strengthening the digital capabilities of social care in the West Midlands.

Ultimately, we are working towards:

  • Reliable, affordable and accessible connectivity and infrastructure in our region enabling digital skills development and inclusion
  • Confident commissioning and use of digital care technology, software and systems by ASC teams, providers and partners
  • A supportive culture of digital innovation in systems, practice and ways of working
  • Integrated and joint working across adult social care and health

During 2021/22 we aim to:

  • Map key digital activity impacting social care across the Midlands
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration with health and care providers
  • Facilitate the sharing of good practice
  • Launch and develop our Digital Network

Linked to this, we are managing the Midlands Digital Leadership Project which is part of Joining up Care, supported by NHSX, the Local Government Association and ADASS. The project, which includes the secondment of Abby Vella from the LGA to WM ADASS, is being run in partnership with East Midlands ADASS and NHS Midlands.

During a six month pilot we will be exploring how local digital activity can feed into, and be sustained by, national programmes. The project will be evaluated in the autumn to test the impact and potentially scale this type of resource for systems across the country.

Contact: Abby Vella