Direct Payment Agreements and Factsheets

Direct payments are payments given to individuals by Social Services departments to enable them to buy services they have been assessed as needing.

The aim of a direct payment is to give more flexibility in how services are provided to people who are assessed as eligible for social services support.

A working group of Direct Payments leads reviewed regional Direct Payment Agreements between Councils and the Direct Payment recipients and accompanying factsheets with a view to agreeing an accessible, common format to increase the take up of Direct Payments in the region.

The guiding principles behind agreements and factsheets are that they are accessible (no jargon or legalese), in easy read format, brief and co-produced.

What are the benefits of a regional approach?

  • Provides a standard, accessible format
  • Inspires confidence in managers and finance colleagues because it is based on best practice and shared expertise
  • It minimises the inconsistencies across council boundaries
  • It is attractive to both Direct Payment recipients and social work staff


Please click here to access the full version of the Guide.

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