Case Study – Safeguarding – Mr A’s story


Mr A – A case study from Stoke-on-Trent City Counci

A is a 31 year old male who lives with his Mother and Father. A has a twin sister who up until the past twelve months also lived in the family home. Both A and his twin sister have a learning disability.

A became known to social care in 2014 following safeguarding concerns.  At this time A was extremely anxious and severely socially isolated and it was believed he had not left his family home for over ten years.  It was also identified that A was being locked in the living room by the family. There have also been ongoing concerns with regards to A’s parents ability to meet his day to day needs.

Following initial work with A it was also identified that parents planned for him to get married, as twin sister is married.

Following completion of a mental capacity assessment,  A was deemed to lack capacity to make this decision.  As a result of this, various safeguarding measures were implemented which including liaising with police, immigration, health and various social care departments including finance, fraud department and Legal.  A Forced Marriage Protection Order remains in place at this time and various risk management measures are in place by various professionals including the police and immigration.

When first meeting A, he was severely anxious at the prospect of leaving his family home to the point that he would wrench, shout and pace around the room saying that there were bad people outside.

During the involvement of the various professions, A now attends Portland House day service five days a week and he engages in a variety of activities of his choosing.  A’s confidence has significantly grown, his anxieties have reduced and he appears a lot happier in himself.  A now makes his wishes and feelings known more frequently and is actively engaging in a variety of community based activities.  A has recently joined a gym and is supported by day centre staff. He enjoys buying  a daily paper each morning with support.

A continues to be supported by various professionals and there continues to be support provided regarding A’s personal hygiene, diet and daily skills base to enhance his skills whilst also continuing to monitor potential risks associated to unintentional neglect. The impact of support to A has seen him develop skills, confidence and starting to express his own views. His aspirations are around ‘ordinary life’ and the team are supporting him with this through CPA.

Through the safeguarding planning A’s parents have their own social worker due to differing views on marriage, finance and meeting ongoing daily needs.


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