Case Study – Pooled Personal Budgets – Nicola, Debbie and Sam’s Story


A Case Study from the People Directorate at Coventry City Council


Nicola, Debbie and Sam are young people who have profound levels of learning disability with complex needs and challenging behaviour. Nicola, Debbie and Sam are friends from school. They were all due to attend College but their placements were not funded.


Everyone involved in the assessment and support planning process recognised that Nicola, Debbie and Sam had good friendships with one another, had similar interests and support needs and lived locally to one another. They each required a robust package of support that would meet their complex needs (with some elements of 2:1 support) but it was also identified that some elements of their support could be shared and that they had previously been supported together.

The Brokerage Team were asked to find a provider who was able to provide support to Nicola, Debbie and Sam and be willing to include some hours of shared support for them to spend time together as a small group. A suitable provider was found and currently provides 10 hours of shared support a week.


The provider devised a varied and vibrant activity planner that reflected the individual needs of Nicola, Debbie and Sam and met their individual outcomes. The impact of pooling a personal budget has meant their friendship could continue after leaving school and that they are able to access community based activities.


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