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People2People (Community Interest Company) and Shropshire Council


As a partnership, People2People (Community Interest Company), Shropshire Council and Making it Real are working to change the nature of adult social care services in Shropshire.

Transformation, personalisation, and resilience are at the heart of what we do and our vision for the future of adult social care is to put people in the driving seat, deciding more and more how they want to live their lives.

Close partnerships with other agencies and services make the best use of community resources as resilient communities are built. The creation of a quicker, more responsive system, the new operating model, means that the right information and advice are provided at the right time. Our staff are inspired to achieve this goal by having different conversations with people. Our driving principles include a desire to reduce dependence upon paid support, enabling and maximising individual independence.

None of this is easy. And none of this would be possible without a commitment to placing local people at the heart of change through ‘Making it Real’.


What changes have been made

2016 saw:

• The establishment of the advice and information website, Shropshire Choices and its look has been heavily influenced by MiR.

• Customer care training for all front-line staff which was inspired by a MiR piece of work identifying the ‘essential ingredients’ of adult social care.

• A peer review of ‘Let’s Talk Local’ which drew heavily on the ‘essential ingredients’.

• Important transformations of the Finance Pathway which were informed by user experiences.

• The development of a ‘warts and all’ approach to the annual Local Account magazine. As a way of reporting on our work during 2015-16 the style and content of the Local Account has been directed by MiR.

• Representation to and discussion with the MP for Ludlow, the Minister of State at Department of Health.

• The devising of a MiR stamp of approval which could be applied to successful areas of work.

What is important?

The essential ingredients of adult social care:

þ  An experience that is personal

þ  Active listening and understanding

þ  Real conversations, not just ticking boxes

þ  Effective use of resources

þ  Making own choices / taking own risks                                 


The establishment and achievements of MiR this year can be put down to 3 key factors:

1. A physical commitment from the local Authority to develop relationships as well as coordinate MiR. Without the human resource to coordinate practicalities such as calling meetings, organising venues and dates, agreeing agendas, reporting through notes and ensuring that the relationship between the MiR Advisory Groups and the MiR Board is strong; MiR would not exist. Relationship building has been central to maintaining involvement and enthusiasm.

2. An incredible commitment to involvement and change from experts through experience. Key figures have been central as critical friends to P2P and Shropshire Council. Their insights through their lived experience have been invaluable to change. Seeing change happen is then the best motivator.

3. A newly defined relationship between the MiR Advisory Group and the MiR Board. This has started to make the Board more proactive. This means there is now a better balance between listening to, responding to and guiding the MiR Advisory Groups. Newly drafted Terms of Reference have focused the work of the Board and highlighted the need to establish ‘Making it Real’ across the organisations in areas such as Training and Development, Partnership Boards, Feedback and Complaints, Leadership, P2P Governance Sub – Groups and the Health and Wellbeing Board.

The MiR Board’s major responsibility is to ensure that co-production with people who use services and their carers is a reality and central to future developments. We believe that all social care services should be devised and enhanced with service user participation, giving shared opportunities to solve problems and design services.

With 2017 now in sight our challenge is to make sure that the Making it Real Board and Advisory Groups continue to review areas of development and performance so that the Board can hold the Council to account, and support and assist further progress to toward personalisation and community based support.

Challenges and how they were overcome

Only in the last year has Making it Real started to exert its influence in a way that means we can see a tangible impact. The changes made in 2016 are a testament to how challenges have been overcome.

One of our achievements in 2016.


MiR Advisory Group Members in Ludlow meeting with Philip Dunne MP

From left to right: Katie Stone, John Jones, Philip Dunne, Michelle Hodnett, Stuart Price, Sarah Dillon, Chrisey Price and Janet Manley.

Meeting a local MP was a first for Making it Real and the discussion that took place showed the growing confidence that people have to question and challenge decisions. This is one of the key roles of the Making it Real groups which look to ensure people who use services and their carers have more choice and control and can live as full and independent lives as possible.

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