Case Study – Having an Advocate – Keith’s Story


A Case Study from the People Directorate at Coventry City Council


Keith lived in sheltered housing, but had a severe alcohol dependency which meant he needed support with daily living tasks. He also regularly displayed difficult behaviour towards both care staff and other residents.


An Advocate was appointed when Keith was facing eviction from his home due to putting both himself and other residents at significant risk whilst cooking his meals. He was burning food and creating repeated fire incidents.

The Advocate was able to help Keith understand how critical the loss of both his tenancy and daily support services would be and helped him to weigh up the impact of the options he was facing by explaining all the issues of concern. Additionally, the Advocate was able to listen to Keith’s wishes and concerns, and liaised closely between the client and his current support provider, successfully negotiating a withdrawal of their notice to quit for not complying with his current tenancy’s health and safety regulations.


Keith moved into a new, local sheltered housing complex where he is supported with essential and daily tasks. He is extremely happy with his new home and, as a result, has formed a new and positive relationship with the staff. The former fire risks associated with his meal preparation were successfully addressed and Keith is now able to sustain both his tenancy and his independence for the long term.

Keith said, “I love it here! It’s brilliant! Thanks for everything you’ve done”.


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