Case Study – Extra care housing – HB’s story


HB’s story –  A case study from Walsall Council

HB was allocated after health professionals recommended nursing placement.  HB lived alone in a bungalow, multiple health conditions, suffered from anxiety and was lonely. HB had Carer visit four times a day.  HB wanted to live in a nursing home to be looked after because that is what people had told him he needed. However, he was also anxious about being around people because of needing stoma and catheter care.

What we did

Extra care housing options were explored and HB has now moved into a flat in extra care housing and receives his care from in-house Carers.

HB is now happy and settled in his flat, likes that he has his own front door within a community. Because he receives care from in-house Carers, his confidence has grown, allowing him to go downstairs to the communal area and restaurant knowing that there will be somebody to give him a wave and a carer nearby to assist him with intimate care if needed. As a result of this, HB’s anxiety has reduced.

One of HB’s main worries was the support his daughter was giving, particularly because she was travelling when in ill health herself. HB’s daughter was suffering with stress due to the caring role, but since HB has moved into his flat her caring role has reduced and HB’s daughter can now visit to spend quality time with her dad.  HB’s daughter’s health has also improved.

The difference we made – Impact and Outcomes

HB is receiving the support he needs while maintaining his independence. His wellbeing has improved and he is socially interacting.  HB’s relationship with his daughter has improved.



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