Case Study – Dementia Navigators – Michael’s story


A Case Study from the People Directorate at Coventry City Council


Michael was referred to the Dementia Navigator service from the memory clinic post diagnosis service at the hospital. Michael was experiencing great difficulty with disorientation during the night and was regularly trying to leave the house. Michael was attending a day centre which he did not enjoy as the people were older and frailer than him and were unable to interact with him.

His wife was finding it difficult to cope when her sleep was disrupted at night. She was becoming increasingly worried about leaving her husband alone in the house in order for her to take a break.


The Dementia Navigator worked with them to arrange for an Admiral Nurse to support the family with specific difficulties coping with some of the symptoms of Michael’s dementia. Michael was supported to explore different options of things to do in the daytime. He now attends an Alzheimer’s Activity Group. Michael has been provided with a date/time clock which was mounted in his bedroom. This has assisted him in orientating himself at night, has led to less disrupted nights and minimised the occasions he has attempted to leave his home.

A Carer’s assessment has enabled Michael to access a short breaks service which allowed his wife to have regular weekly break and continue her own hobbies.


Michael is now enjoying taking part in daytime activities. Michael is continuing to attend groups and therefore be less isolated. Being able to manage his dementia better means he requires less support from social care and health services, and he will be less reliant on his wife who will therefore be more able to live her own life.


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