Case Study – AB’s story


AB’s story – a case study from Warwickshire Council

AB is 54 years old and has lived alone in sheltered Housing accommodation for the last nine years. AB has a learning disability, autism and epilepsy.  AB’s father lives in a care home but otherwise AB has no other family support. He volunteers five days a week at a local shop.

AB used to buy lots of DVD’s and CD’s and items from Charity shops and car boot sales. He would buy things that he already had including different kinds of music systems, heaters, hoovers and clothes. As a result he had a lot of clutter at the flat which was visible in all rooms. Clothes were piled up to the ceiling and there was nowhere for anyone to sit down due to the clutter and vast amount of items in the flat. AB had not done any cleaning for a number of years and there were cobwebs and dust over everything. The housing department raised concerns regarding health and safety and raised a risk that AB would be evicted from the property for breach of tenancy conditions.

AB had been very reluctant to accept support as he felt that he should be able to manage on his own. He said that he tried to keep on top of things but did not know where to start. He had been verbally aggressive when challenged about his situation.

What we did

A social care practitioner was allocated to work with AB to look at how his living conditions could be improved. The social care practitioner attended multi-disciplinary meetings with other concerned professionals. Due to AB not wishing to accept support the social care practitioner spent time with AB building up trust. AB eventually agreed to the social care practitioner making arrangements for someone to work with him to clear his flat. This was completed over a two-day period with AB present so that he was able to say what he wanted to keep and what could be taken to the charity shop or disposed of. AB also received support with his finances as he has previously got into debt with utilities and a credit card. He also had in the past given money to people who he considered were his friends and taken advantage of.

The difference we made – Impact and Outcomes

The work with AB, the social care practitioner, and the support of a local agency over an 18-month period resulted in an improved quality of life for AB and an improvement in his relationship with others.

AB now receives a minimal Direct Payment each week for him to employ someone to support him with maintaining his home environment to minimise risks of returning to the cluttered environment that he previously was in, and support with his finances.







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